Hej guys, Jimbo here.

So yesterday I was sitting infront of my TV and PS4 thinking “I wanna play something new”. I don’t feel like playing Rocket League, FIFA or Helldivers, I want a new experience.

So I started browsing the PSN-store and as many of you probably know, Far Cry Primal just got released and is of course on the front page. I took a good look at it and, I mean, it looks good, I’m sure it’s quite fun but for real though, I wasn’t sold on Far Cry 4. It got repetitive pretty quickly and I got tired of it just after a few days. So I felt I didn’t want to invest 60 dollar or whatever into a big game that I’ll probably play like 10% of.

Despite all of this I felt that my options were scarce since I really wanted to play a new game ASAP, but then I went to my recommendations and saw Unravel for about 20 euro and I said to myself, this is perfect. I like platformers, the game has been somewhat hyped, swedish made, I want to play this, and I wouldn’t regret it, this game was astonishing. I’m really impressed by it and I would like to thank the developers for making such a beautiful game.

The story, the visuals, the audio, the music, it was all great. The controls are good and the puzzels are really challenging at times but more often than not they´re not that hard. The game has some innovative mechanics involved since your character leaves a string of yarn behind him as he progresses that you can use to tie knots, make trampolines or climb back up to places you’ve fallen down from.

I would recommend this game to anyone, but if you’re looking for a really hard challenge or some hardcore gameplay then I think you should look elsewhere. Although if you want a beautiful game that you can play while kicking it back in your couch on a sunday, this is a must for you.

Go play it now.


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