The Cracklord

The cracklord is an overnatural and insane being from the deepest forrest of Crackerville, Crackzwood. It’s a crazy carnivore that eats every creature in its path with no remorse and no regrets. There are, though, very rare occasions on which cracklords will resort to eating fruits, berries and grasses (usually to aid digestion).

When hunting, the cracklord will conceal itself in bushes or long grasses close to their intended prey’s rear or side. They will gradually, silently sneak forward; stalking the animal, which is unaware of the hunter’s proximity.


The Cracklord

When it is approximately 20 to 30 feet (between six and nine metres) away from its victim, it will lunge out from its hiding place in an impressive display of power and agility.

They are able to make jumps of more than 30 feet (nine metres), giving them a huge advantage over an animal that needs to escape this fierce enemy.

They pounce on their victim, using their strong hind legs to support the struggle with the prey and their front legs to pull the victim to the ground.

Once under control, the cracklord will snap the spinal cord just behind the head (for smaller catches) or grab the throat with its jaws (for larger prey) to ensure a speedy death.

It will then drag the kill to a secluded spot in which it can enjoy it in peace. What it does not finish, it will likely cover; returning to these leftovers later or the following day.